Why Us

Some of the reasons that make our client proud of their choice:
  • Team of certified Public accountant and certified tax Advisors
  • Affordability of our monthly pricing module compared to hourly rates and for a high quality service
  • We are the first Xero Silver partners in Rwanda and second in East Africa
  • We care for our clients; we take responsibility of our services to our clients
  • Strong software and perfect integration
  • Our affiliation with association of tax advisors, institute of CPAs and other consultants enables us and our clients to gain access to a network of knowledge, ensuring the very latest advisory to create a great result.
Compare our service with most accounting practice in Rwanda..


Most Accounting firms



6-monthly or annual

Daily, weekly, monthly or annual

Mostly compliance

Compliance & adding value

One size fits all


Don’t assist in tax audit

Assist in tax audit




Developed for accountant

Developed for business owners

Only on a PC

On PC, Mac, phone and tablet

Costly integrations- if it allows

Easy cost effective

Limited access

Unlimited from anywhere, anytime


Automatic functionality

Servers and back-ups required

No servers, no down time, no back-ups


Billed per hour

Billed per value added

Set after job

Set before job


Certain and budgetable

Set by accountant

Set by business owner

Rely on accountant efficiency

Rely on business need




Xero has more than 600,000 users worldwide and can be used with more than 400 add-ons. Apart from being the most beautiful, easy-to-use accounting software on the planet, here’s a few other reasons why you need to give Xero a try:
  • Automatic Bank feed (Have your bank transactions imported directly from your bank each morning)
  • Login from anywhere and work with your accountant on the same information
  • Automatic invoicing (create an invoice once and send it automatically to your customers)
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic depreciation and foreign currency
  • Powerful real time reporting
  • Safe and secure
  • Free 30 day trial

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